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Agency and school
for personal and
business assistants.
Main school and agency of assistants
in Russia with employment
and state-recognized document

Main school of assistants in Russia with own recruitemt agency and state document on education. We prepare assistants to work in large companies
Winners of the Ernst & Young award in “Professional service” nomination
Company Smart and Talented. Professional Assistants.

Top for assistants.

Our company provides different types of services in administrative consulting. We are the leaders of the Russian market in recruitment and education of secretaries, personal assistants and business assistants.

Structure of our business consists of several directions

7 reasons in favor of Smart and Talented:
Focus on assistants only
allows us to achieve high results in our direction, unlike multi- profile HR agencies.
Individual approach
o each applicant, to each employer and vacancy.
Provision of quality services
within the agreed period.
Client-oriented service
and provision of guarantees.
and compliance with the terms of the contract.
The largest base
of professional assistants.
Own School of Personal Assistants
which graduates professionals into the labor market, and mentoring after training.

 Good afternoon! My name is Marina Egorova.

I am the founder of “Smart & Talented. Professional Assistants”.

“Our company has existed since 2016 and we can rightfully call ourselves the leaders of the Russian market in terms of the number of requests received for finding assistants, as well as in terms of the number of students who have passed our training.

In 2020, we received the ERNST&YOUNG Award in the “Professional Services” nomination, which our entire team is extremely proud of and this motivates us, to work better, faster and efficiently every day.

I have about 10 years of experience as a personal assistant and business assistant with the TOP leaders of the largest companies in Russia (both private and state).

Top managers need professional assistants who can manage all processes properly, make decisions within their competence on their own, who can monitor their own time, as well as the manager’s time, drive efficiency and be his right hand.

Our company solves the main "pain" - the lack of competent assistants, through training and competent individual selection of an assistant to the head. 

The Smart and Talented School diplomas are considered a mark of quality in the assistants’ market. 

Our Mission is to turn the idea of ​​secretaries and show the business world that a business assistant is the strength of a leader, his support, his growth and efficiency”.
Our focus is the selection of assistants of various levels: from secretaries to heads of administrative offices in corporations, from team assistant to project manager in startups, from personal assistant to head in Family office, as well as from remote assistant for a young entrepreneur to business assistant executive Forbes level.
We have one of the most comprehensive databases of the best personal assistants in Russia, and continue to develop in other countries. There are more than 10,000 resumes in our database. We are actively developing and are already closing assistant vacancies in the USA, England, Europe and Dubai.
Do you still have questions?
Our manager will contact you
during the day and help
by focusing on your wishes